Walt Disney World, Orlando

The weather in Florida is just stunning during the winter! I love the bright days when sun is shining. There’s a t-shirt weather outside but it’s not too hot, and there’s not a trace left of the overcast, overly humid weather that often lingers around during the summer. Yesterday morning when I headed from Lithia to Orlando, there wasn’t much traffic either, so Florida really showed how laid-back it can be to take a road trip in this state!


In Orlando, there was just one thing I wanted to do. Well, two things, but one main thing: To visit Walt Disney World. I know it sounds like such a cliché, but I hadn’t been there for over 10 years. I was dying to know if I would enjoy it more as an adult than I did when I was a teenager! Maybe it was the fact that this isn’t the high season, or maybe their service has just gotten a lot faster and better, but there were no lines at the entrance, which set the mood for the visit pretty high.

I decided to visit only the Magic Kingdom Park. The ticket price had gone up quite a bit, it was $105, but that seems to be the trend with everything, so it wasn’t a big surprise. Some of the old rides and buildings were still there, so as you can imagine, I was feeling quite nostalgic! The first impression of the theme park was positive. The Magic Kingdom was by no means empty of tourists, but they were not filling every square inch of it.


First it was time to take a look at Cinderella’s Castle (yes, still as charming and tacky at the same time as back then). It is such a smart attraction as it appeals to the little ones who are dreaming of being real princesses and, weirdly enough, taps on some soft spot that some (if not all) women still have in them regarding their childhood dreams. I’m more of a fan of a minimalistic style when it comes to decorations, but the castle still is one of a kind!


Then I took a ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It was as entertaining as back then, such a classic! For some reason, that ride always makes me smile. I also visited the Haunted Mansion (not my favorite), Space Mountain (the ride was a lot less jerky and twitchy than before, so that was great), Swiss Family Treehouse (hadn’t changed at all), and Splash Mountain (not bad, it still gets you soaked, but even during winter months, that’s not really an issue in Florida unless the area is experiencing an unexpected cold spell).


This wouldn’t be a blog about my road trips if there wasn’t a mention about food. Yes, I did what most tourists probably do in Walt Disney World and ate the jumbo turkey leg. It was just sooooo good! I’m sure I should make some snarky remarks here about it as it is, as you can imagine, just a gigantic drumstick of a turkey, but seriously, it was delicious! Sure, there was so much to eat that another eater would’ve saved me from having to throw some of the meat away, but all in all, it was a really good deal for the price. It’s fun to eat, at times quite messy, but it’s too good to miss.


I didn’t stay at Disney World all day, because I also wanted to go play minigolf with a friend of mine and her children. We met up at the Pirates Cove adventure golf course, and had a great late afternoon there. It’s a very kid friendly golf course, there’s a lot to see, and the holes are not extremely easy for adults either. That’s another thing I often do, try to play minigolf in every possible destination if there is some good company to do that with, so be prepared to notice a mention of it every now and then in this blog.

A little before 9 PM, I returned to the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks. A perfect ending to a great day! It may sound funny but as an adult I now got more out of the trip to the Disney World than I did when I was a teenager!

Top three picks in the area:

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  2. Turkey drumstick
  3. Florida weather

Author: Zoë

A freelance journalist and photographer, communication consultant, passionate globetrotter, experienced time traveler, avid teleporter user, roleplayer, and kite flyer. Right now, exploring the planet and loving it.

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