Key West – Everglades National Park

Starting the trip from the south tip of Florida sounded like a good idea. Spending a couple of days in Key West doing nothing but exploring the small town, no hurry anywhere, was exactly what was needed to wash away the tension and stress that had built up during the weeks leading to the deadline of my last project. The town surprises with its friendly, laid-back atmosphere. The restaurants are crowded with people who clearly enjoy their visit; the same cannot be said about the drivers who desperately try to find a parking spot for their cars. I visited the mandatory buoy of the southernmost point of the continental US, walked through the rooms that Ernest Hemingway once lived in, and ate in the Deuce’s Off the Hook Grill. The food was excellent in general even though I really loved their hummus platter. The whole town has managed to hold on to the real small town feeling even though massive amounts of tourists visit it every year.

The drive along the chain of the Keys is not exactly full of new experiences but rather quite redundant. However, switching to the attitude of paying attention to details helps a lot in conquering the boredom that may linger around. The ocean is, after all, really beautiful, and short stops here and there offer opportunities to notice things that do not necessarily stand out at first. Like, for those who love fishing but are not familiar with the ones in these waters, this sign:

Everglades: Swamp and alligators? Definitely plenty of both, but also beautiful birds, turtles, panthers, and stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. Both the Ernest Coe Visitor Center and the Flamingo Viewing Center are worth a visit, but the closest to the animals you can get at the Royal Palm Visitor Center. The guides there are really knowledgeable and tell interesting facts about the animals and the history of the Everglades National Park. The tour is perfect for both adults and families with children, because there is something for everyone to see. There is quite a lot of parking space, so even that is not an issue. All year round, a water bottle is a must!


Top three picks in the area:

  1. The whole small town of Key West
  2. Deuce’s Off the Hook Grill
  3. Royal Palm Visitor Center

Welcome to travel with me!

The big life choices I have made as an adult have rarely followed the norms that people usually consider some kinds of mile posts of their lives. I have gone where life has taken me, and most of the time, traveling has been the only common denominator in the process that has made me the person I have become. In regards to traveling, anything is possible. Choose your battles wisely, and you can spend years exploring the planet while learning about who you are, who you want to be, and whom you want to surround yourself with.

I have been traveling all my life, but when I turned 10, my mother started taking me abroad every year. Different countries, different kinds of reasons for those trips. When I was 16, my parents let me travel abroad by myself and explore life in another continent. That was an experience that taught me a couple of things about how to be responsible while taking the most out of new surroundings. After that, I have traveled all over but never stopped reflecting what is important for me in life. As a result, I am a communication consultant, a freelance journalist, a photographer, and a happy owner of a doctoral degree.20151015_182447

However, as much as I love what I do for living it is not all there is in life. I am also an active role player, a free-spirited kite flyer, and a devoted lover of national parks. If possible, I would want to see all of them. All. The thing is though that I also want to see all cities and towns, beaches and deserts, islands and mountains. There are way too many destinations just on this planet to be explored in traditional ways. I have solved the problem by becoming an avid time traveler and an experienced teleporter user.

My journey with you all who read my blog begins from two different continents. A city hopping tour in Europe and a road trip in the United States are calling my name at the same time. I hope you enjoy traveling with me as I document the progress of the journey!